About Us

Bitterroot Shedz is a company rooted in the tradtions of excellence, pride, and community involvement. Founded in 2018 by a third-generation shed builder, we have consistently held the belief that a shed should be built with the same care and attention to detail as a home. Our founder’s philosophy was that the pride you take in your work is evident in the quality of the final product, and this remains at the core of our operations today.

At Bitterroot Shedz, we are driven not only by a passion for crafting high-quality sheds but also by a dedication to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. As part of our ongoing commitment to community involvement, we have established the “Building Communities Together” program. Through this initiative, we partner with local schools, providing them with the materials and guidance necessary to construct a shed from the ground up. All materials are donated, and upon completion, the schools are free to use the sheds as they see fit, whether for raffles or as additional space for school activities.

We firmly believe that businesses should play an active role in enhancing the communities where they operate. This principle has been integral to our operations since day one, and as we continue to build in the Valley, we are dedicated to upholding this commitment. Bitterroot Shedz is proud to produce the highest quality sheds on the market while contributing to the growth and development of our community.